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Hi, I'm Betsy - a Social Media expert, Yoga instructor, and recovery mentor in Los Angeles.

Betsy Waldman is from Scottsdale, Arizona, but had lived in Los Angeles for 14 years after moving to attend USC. She has 10+ years experience working in social media, from leading strategy on The Cheesecake Factory social media, to directing and leading the team at Cambio, a division of AOL.com, to partnering with DIRECTV on multiple TV shows, to making her dog an Instagram star, to managing celebrity accounts with 35M+ followers, she’s proven to be a respected leader in the space.

Recently, she made a huge shift in her life, becoming sober after her 4-year old dachshund was diagnosed with terminal stage 5 lymphoma and finding that she had no real coping mechanisms for real-life hardships. She found a new passion for yoga and for helping others fight for their own recovery, deciding to become a yoga instructor as well. 

In October 2018, she started to journey her new life as The Sober Yogi on Instagram, and quickly saw the power of her raw and honest posts, and the transformative effects in had on people. Social media has the power to motivate and help people on so many levels, inspiring her to educate people on the power of addiction and break the stigma of silence. 

Betsy also works with people who need help staying sober as a mentor and guide. Follow her on Instagram and contact her below to work together!


My Services.

Social Media Consulting

Let me help you in the ever-shifting world of social media. I've worked in all industries, from Fortune 500 Brands, to celebrities, to small mom and pop shops. Pick what you need and let's talk!

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Competitor Audits

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Coaching/Training

  • Campaign Strategy and Management

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Speak At Your Event

Yoga Instruction

Yoga is my other passion - it helped me become sober and has made me stronger than I've ever been before - mentally, physically, and spiritually. Now is my time to give back by showing people the transformative power of yoga. I teach group classes and privates - totally custom for your needs!

  • Group Classes

  • Private Training

  • Yoga for Recovery

  • Yoga for Injuries

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga at your Event

  • Yoga at your School/Gym


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